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Get an Essay Marking Service to Check Your Text

We offer a specialised essay marking service that helps you get the constructive advice you need before you hand in your essay, dissertation or assignment.

1. Send us a copy of your essay, dissertation or assignment and we'll get one of our experienced academic professionals to read it.

2. Our writer will then produce a thorough report containing constructive comments (both positive and negative), highlighting areas that need more work and areas that are already perfect. The report will be a minimum of 3 pages long but where necessary will be much longer. And the report will have an indicated grade range, showing you exactly how good your essay is at the moment.

3. Our writer will remain available to chat to you about your essay and offer further advice as necessary. He or she will continue to work with you, if you wish, at no extra charge to help you get the essay up to the required level.

How is This Different From a Custom Essay?

When you use our Marking service, the writer will not write the essay for you. But he or she will help you write it by:

And what really sets our essay marking service apart from others is that our writer remains on your case until you are happy. When you have read the writers report, you can (if you wish) talk to the writer about it, bounce ideas off the writer, and ask specific questions. There is no limit to how much help you can receive.

Our essay marking service costs as little as £5 for every 1,000 words. For that price, you get an exclusive, dedicated expert service with turnaround in less than 24 hours.

There are no hidden costs and the service is quick and responsive. We undertake to have the initial report ready for you within 24 hours, and can sometimes have it ready even faster.

How to Order our Essay Marking Service

Just go to our special essay marking order form and enter the details of your order. You will receive a confirmation email and, within one day (including weekends and holidays), you will receive your essay report.